Artificial intelligence for data processing

Optimize your processes, reduce expenses and combat fraud with the mostQI solution

Based on Artificial Intelligence technology, the mostQI solution was developed to receive and analyze any type of image (documents and selfies), whether for account opening, home financing, purchase and rental of vehicles, among others.
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The mostQI solution performs the following in real time:


Data extraction from images

Intelligent Optical Character Recognition – tecnologia desenvolvida pela MOST. Você envia uma foto do seu documento* e fazemos todo o restante! Extraímos os dados das imagens dos documentos e checamos com alto percentual de acurácia. Tudo isso é feito automaticamente, em poucos segundos.

Quality Analysis

of the images provided

Images are analyzed and undergo
various quality controls.

Image treatment

Automatic by our engine

Correction of the alignment and perspective of the document. Once qualified, images undergo adjustments that facilitate reading and archiving for future consultation.


Identificação do tipo do documento a partir do seu formato. Possuímos mais de 1.500 tipos de documentos já treinados pelas nossas redes neurais. Além disso, temos a possibilidade de treinar novos tipos de documentos.

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Face Match

Facial recognition

Facial recognition technology reduces the risk of fraud. By comparing a photo taken at the time of registration and the photo used in the document, we confirm that your users are really who they say they are.

Background Check

Registration database

Verifica e valida informações de cadastro com o objetivo de identificar possíveis inconsistências. Consulte automaticamente informações essênciais, tornando as transações mais seguras e confíáveis.

* Driving license, ID, Birth Certificate, and many others. We also offer data mining of any specific document for your company or business.

Facial Recognition

security for you

Through Neural Networks, the comparison of the selfie with the photo contained in the image of the personal identification document is performed.

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Based on Artificial Intelligence technology, mostQI supports BACKGROUND CHECK systems that involve receiving images (documents and selfies) for any type of business process, which may be the financing of a home or vehicles, and account opening, among others. It carries out the analysis of image quality in real time, correcting the alignment and perspective for use during the process and subsequent storage, and extracting the information contained therein. The images are sent to a set of neural networks that is responsible for identifying the type of document, locating the information fields and extracting the data contained therein through the iOCR.

The mostQI has several technological and innovative features that allow the Solution to guarantee and meet various requirements and legal aspects of compliance, applied to registration processes. compliance, aplicados a processos cadastrais.

Agility: With mostQI it is possible to streamline registration processes of any nature with ease and speed.

Quality Control: Images are subjected to various quality controls, such as sharpness, focus, shaking, brightness and shadow.

Data extraction: Sent to an intelligent reading layer and the application of neural networks to check the content of several documents.

Diversidade de documentos: Temos mais de 1500 tipos de documentos já minerados e podemos submeter qualquer outro tipo de documento para o aprendizado inteligente.

Security and combating fraud: Incorporation of anti-fraud tools based on regional and temporal templates of the main personal identification documents.

Facial Recognition: Using Neural Networks, the mostQI solution carries out a comparison of the SELFIE with the photo contained in the image of the personal identity document.