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We work providing image capture and data solutions, using Artificial Intelligence technologies and digital signatures. Easier and safer for you and your business.

TO MOST is a company that provides solutions for capturing and processing data and images by means of digitization and graphic character recognition technology, developing solutions using Artificial Intelligence Technology and providing digital signature solutions with the aim of bringing technology and operational intelligence for large and medium-sized companies.

→ Concept, design, development, installation and maintenance of specific systems for image management and treatment and mobile computing solutions
→ Commercialization of software for intelligent capture of image content and for mobile platform
→ Consulting in the areas of dematerilization and image management of documents and mobile solutions
→ Training and support of commercialized products
→ Software commercialization by the French company ATHIC

MOST is a company specialized in creating mobile computing solutions, bringing technology and operational intelligence to large and medium-sized companies. The company currently has about 30 customers in this segment and develops products that meet the demands of enhancing services, with emphasis on solutions for automation of the sales force. Currently, more than 12 thousand users across the country work in the field supported by the mobile computing software developed by MOST.

Unlike most of its market competitors, MOST develops for each customer a product tailored to their particularities, application patterns and specific demands. The company's work philosophy is that each solution built must adapt to the customer and not the other way around. For this reason, the software developed by MOST is recognized in the market for its high degree of adherence to the specific needs of companies' businesses. The entire process of implementing the solutions is elaborated in an agile and dynamic manner and is completed in approximately three months.


MOST develops any type of application for mobile platforms, be it notebooks, netbooks, smartphones or tablets and its main product is MOST Sales, suitable for sales force automation. The solution, as its name implies, is responsible for making the company's product sales mechanisms more efficient.

MOST Sales allows the customer to automate the main tasks performed by their salespeople, through their connection with their corporate sales system. Thus, using a mobile device, the seller can receive, wherever he is, various information about sales, such as roadmaps to be followed, sales planning, sales made, complete data of his customers, products, tables of prices, etc.

One of the difficulties experienced by companies is the concentration of information on employees, such as salespeople and representatives. The challenge for MOST is to transport this knowledge base to the scope of corporations, through secure solutions that prevent the loss of data or the simple loss of gains by not crossing this information. The software developed by MOST fulfills the role of bringing the knowledge of employees to a monitoring system capable of maximizing their work as much as possible, while leaving the information in the hands of the entire company.

The advantages of using MOST Sales do not end there. You can also get:

    • . Increased productivity: maximizing the sales process by seeking a balance between the sales cycle and the customer's purchasing process, sales management and performance monitoring
    • . Improved service: more visits and orders per day, better coverage in the sales sector, reduction in billing and delivery errors, improved delivery time, better worked product mix
    • . Strengthening sales strategies by collecting market and customer information.
    • . Reduction of the overall operating costs of the sales cycle

MOST also developed the MOST Lab - Sales Force Automation specific to the Pharmaceutical Industry.

MOST Lab allows the laboratory to automate the main tasks performed by its salespeople, through its connection with its corporate sales system. Thus, using a mobile device, the seller will be able to receive, wherever he is, various information about the sales and sales planning carried out, such as: itineraries to be followed, complete data of his customers, complete data of his products. , sales information made for a customer, information on sales volumes, among countless others of interest to the seller and the company.

In addition, to carry out the automatic transmission, via modem, cell phone or connection with a microcomputer, of the requests made by representatives to the distributors, through FTP connection made available by them, and recover, through the same connection, the return of the treatment of the requests by distributors, in order to face the “Request x Service”. If a particular distributor has not completely fulfilled a particular order, it must be redistributed, sending to the second distributor (up to 5 distributor options) desired by the customer the items still missing, and so continue to proceed until the request is fully met.

The MOST Lab solution aims to:

      • Make sales information available to the sales force
      • Enable fast and efficient information flow between the company, distributors and salespeople
      • Streamline the sales and shipping process of orders to distributors
      • Allow monitoring of the order fulfillment process
      • Eliminate errors in the sales order process

For the implementation of the solution, the customer must have a corporate sales automation system, or commercial, that will be integrated with MOST Lab through an interface software that allows mapping the data from the corporate application to the software that runs on the device mobile.

As an exclusive distributor throughout South America of the STARTHIC solution of the French company Athic SAS, MOST develops capture and dematerialization projects in an Image Management and Treatment solution, supplying, marketing, distributing, implementing, customizing and providing warranty service, technical support, maintenance and version updates on the software components of this solution.

STARTHIC is a complete solution for intelligent capture of any type of document up to A3 format, and is based on a workflow mechanism adapted to the mass processing of documents. The software components of the STARTHIC Solution provide, in a single modular, robust and secure platform, applications for dematerialization, management of dossier flows, means of payment and checks.

  • Production workflows
  • Decentralized capture tool
  • Automatic recognition and classification
  • Large-scale complementation site
  • Collaborative GED
  • Monitoring of activities and management reports
  • Filing with security seal
  • Large production capacity (high volume)
  • Multilevel customization and configuration
  • Clustering support
  • Web Architecture
  • XML and Web-Services Integration
  • Connector for third party tools