Providing image capture and data solutions, using Artificial Intelligence technologies and digital signatures. Easier and safer for you and your business.

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Providing image capture and data solutions, using Artificial Intelligence technologies and digital signatures. Easier and safer for you and your business.

MOST is a company that provides solutions for capturing and processing data and images by means of digitization and graphic character recognition technology, developing solutions using Artificial Intelligence Technology and providing digital signature solutions with the aim of bringing technology and operational intelligence for large and medium-sized companies. Speed, agility and security are part of our daily lives.



Online API that processes, qualifies, types and extracts information from images and documents.

Quality Control

The images are submitted to several quality controls.


In the mostQI solution, qualified images are adjusted for archiving and consultation.


As imagens tratadas são tipificadas em uma base de reconhecimento que já contempla mais de 1500 tipos de documentos.


The typed images are sent to an intelligent reading layer, which is in charge of locating the fields and extracting the data.

Agility and Comfort

Facial Recognition

Segurança à Fraude


Extraction of data from image

Intelligent Optical Character Recognition – tecnologia desenvolvida pela MOST. Você manda uma foto de um documento (uma CNH ou RG, por exemplo) e nós fazemos o resto. Extraímos os dados das imagens dos documentos e checamos com alto percentual de acurácia. Tudo isso é feito automaticamente, em poucos segundos.

Face Match

Facial recognition

Facial recognition technology reduces the risk of fraud. By comparing a photo taken at the time of registration and the photo used in the document, we confirm that its users are who they really say they are.

Background Check

Cadastral database

Process in which registration information is verified and validated in order to identify possible inconsistencies. Automatically queries essential information making transitions safer and more reliable.

Test our solution

This service uses intelligent reading layers, which are in charge of document typing, localization of fields and extraction of data contained in them, through advanced Neural Networks for content comparison and assertiveness percentage generation (score score).

Data typing and extraction

Choose one of our test images or upload your own files. Within a few seconds you will have your document adjusted, typed and with all the information extracted.
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Facial recognition API

This service uses layers of intelligent reading, which are in charge of analyzing the faces by identifying the biometric characteristics for assessing proximity, through advanced Neural Networks.

Document Analysis API

This service uses layers of intelligent reading, which are in charge of evaluating images in search of content relationships, through advanced Neural Networks.


Artificial Intelligence that guarantees security, speed and cost reduction, automating registration processes.

Based on Artificial Intelligence technology, the mostQI solution was developed to receive and analyze any type of image (documents and selfies), whether for opening accounts, financing your own home, purchasing and renting vehicles, among others.

Mobile Computing

Transform your business with MOST solutions.

MOST offers tailor-made solutions for your company. Innovative solutions for the corporate segment. Development on all mobile platforms, solutions for commercial, operational and sales force management, and hosting of environments in production of applications and direct support to field users.

Image management

Innovative Capture Manager solutions for large and medium-sized companies.

We offer innovative Capture Manager solutions for large and medium-sized companies. Dematerialization of high volume documents with electronic security, checking, classification and automatic extraction of documents and information using internationally certified solutions and tools.


Platform for Digital and Electronic Signatures.

Sign documents from anywhere, from any device. No printing, motorcycle couriers and days of waiting. More secure than paper, our files are encrypted with the most secure technology. Digital and Electronic Signature. Easy, safe and fast.

Our numbers

Over the years we have had several successful cases, we work and we continue to work with large companies, always offering the best type of service for you.

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